Posted by: mazrilhisham | November 5, 2008


Kes dgn Supreme

– reject Haiti – sbb jauh & gaji dapat tak penuh (alah time Mat Joe jadi instructor TN kat ofis Bangi) 2006

– apply Surinam / guyana 2008. Depa kata, depa la kata nama aku naik… Last2 kena pangkah dengan kroni.

–  member kat sana suruh aku push AZHARI. Nak push mcm mana lagi, hari-hari aku push.

– Last2 AZHARI reply gak email aku –

Dear Mazrilhisham,


I don’t really like how the way you approached people in finding job. You have to do it professionally by not sending to everyone at the same time. By doing that way, people will think that you desperate and at the same time exposing people what kind of person you are.


Please remember that this is not about your skills and capability but something to do with the correct and polite way to seek possibilities abroad.


At mean time, I’m evaluating your CV and will advise you once there’s any available position. Thanks

Pas tu aku serik dah

Sekian cerita seru aku



  1. sedih citer hang kanton…
    tak pa la…rezeki ditgn tuhan…
    sabaq na

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