Posted by: mazrilhisham | November 19, 2008

Deferments – Army

As Discussed in, our defence need to upgrade with a new procurement. I start with an army and listed below with pic.

The Army
Goal: To become a truly modern army, able to win local wars, and if needed, regionally. Able to participate in multi-lateral force, in the right circumstances.
Upgrading the army is the biggest headache of course since there are so many things to replace/upgraded due to the multitude of dubious procurements within the last two decades which unfortunately only offered a small upgrade in capability. As Malaysian Defence believes the current army set-up is archaic and ill-suited for open war and insurgency, the army needed a total revamp. The wish-list below might seemed weird but its basically a US Marine style MEU (brigade size) force. Left out are the soldier’s individual weapon system as it would take too much space. The list below is for one Malaysian Army Brigade with two infantry and one combat engineering battalions backed up by an air wing and logistical support.
Cost? Around RM7 billion

1. 40 Light Strike Vehicle for utility, fire support (mortars, ATGM and machine guns)

2. 10 EOD and route clearance vehicles

3. 30 armoured 4×4/6X6 MRAP vehicles for troop transport, reconnaissance, C4I, ambulance, FV and  patrol 

4. 20 engineering vehicles (bridging, movers and mine clearance)

5. 6 8×8 wheeled armoured vehicles with a 105mm gun

6. 4 8×8 wheeled armoured vehicles for reconnaissance and C4I

7. 6 155m wheeled self propelled howitzers together with 4 fire control and re-supply trucks

8. 15 logistics 6×6 trucks

9. 4 VTOL UAVs for reconnaissance, sigint, elint, imint and fire control

10. 6 light twin helicopters (AW139/149 class) for troop transport, ambulance, C4I and utility duties

11. 2 heavy lift helicopters (Chinook class) for troop and cargo transport

12. 6 light attack helicopters (Boeing ARH (MD500) class) for reconnaissance, fire support and utility roles.


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